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Old 11-28-2018, 09:36 PM
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Default Film I keep on Stock

I probably keep more film in the freezer than 90% of the photo stores. It's pretty easy when there are fewer of these stores left

So what do I have on hand.


20 rolls of Velvia 50
20 rolls of Velvia 100
12 rolls of Ektachrome (new Stock)
20 rolls of Acros 100
30 rolls of TRi-X ( personal favorite)
18 rolls of HP 5
12 rolls of HP 4

15 rolls of Portra 160
15 rolls of Portra 400
5 rolls of Pro 400H
25 rolls of Fujicolor 200
1 roll of TP
5 rolls of PAN F PLUS


5 rolls of Portra 120
5 rolls of Portra 400
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