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Default How to Post Images in the Forums

How to Post Images in the Forums

There are a few different ways to post images in the forums. You can upload images directly from your computer, from your Photochimps gallery and from other websites. You have a choice of posting full size images or thumbnails. Which method you use will depend on where the image is located and how you want it to appear in the post.

Posting Images from Your Photochimps Gallery:

Uploading images from your Photochimps gallery to the forums is easy. Under your image, you'll see three choices of links: Linked Thumbnail, BB Code and Direct Link.
You simply copy and paste one of the links provided into the body of the message. Don't worry if all you see is the URL or BB Code--the image will appear when you hit submit or the preview button.

How do decide which one to use? The first one, Linked Thumbnail, does just what it says: it puts a thumbnail of the image into the message, which when clicked on, will take you to the image in your gallery. The second one, BB Code, when pasted into the message, posts a full size image. Clicking on the image will still take you to the image in your gallery. The third one, Direct Link, doesn't actually post an image into the thread. Instead, it posts a link to the image.

Which one you use is up to you. I prefer to use the BB Code: I like seeing full size images and don't want to click on thumbnails in order to see them--I'm lazy. The threads with thumbnails might load faster for some folks with slow internet connections, however. Use which ever method works best for you.

Hint: Before hitting the
Submit Reply button, click on the Preview Post button after you've pasted the link to make sure the image is there.

Posting Images from Your Computer and Other Websites:

To upload images directly from your computer, use the attachment button found among the icons above the message box in "Post a New Thread" and "Reply to Thread". Look for the paperclip icon and click on it. To upload from your computer, click on the browse button and choose which file to upload. The image will appear as a thumbnail in the post.

To upload images from other websites, you can either use the attachment button or the "Insert Image" button. The "Insert Image" button is located below and to the right of the paperclip icon. Click on either icon and paste a copy of the URL into the appropriate box. In case you are unfamiliar with what a URL is, it's the web address (http://web...) I found uploading images as URL's using the attachment button a bit confusing and would recommend using the "Insert Image" button instead. The attachment method produces a thumbnail, while the "Insert Image" button gives you a full size image in the post.

Hint: Click on the
Preview Post button to make sure the image or thumbnail is there before hitting the Submit Reply button.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tutorial, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks in advance!


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