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Old 09-07-2014, 07:14 PM
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Default Just Saying

Actually I hate those two words together but everyone uses them.
I was looking at my SI mag today and I got to thinking. Sports photographs in the past were better. What was missing?

I grew up in the days of iconic black and white sports photographs. The photograph in itself told a story and the detail was excellent. There were fewer action shots and more close ups of players in the dugout or just doing what they did when warming up etc.

Today we have far more color or maybe 99% color. We certainly have more action and maybe an overload of the same type of action photographs. I would bet we have more people taking sports photos though I can't say that with 100% authority.

Maybe I think this way because I grew up in the transition period and still remember when most sports was in black and white. The only color I remember was in the baseball cards.

Nothing wrong with color and fast action photographs. But I am curious do you see a difference that I am talking about?

PS Tell me the Browns are not going to win this game I am watching.
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Old 09-07-2014, 11:57 PM
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At least you got to see your team eek out a win. Mine was up 20-10 at halftime and lost 33-20.

I can't say I look at sports photos much (except the ones you post). Are the ones you see all sharp everywhere? 'Cause I can guess that there might be more of that lately. You can pick a high iso that lets you still use a smaller aperture and get everything in focus and still stop the movement.
Personally, I like photos of action that make it clear that there is action happening. Decisive moments and separation of subject and background are part of a good sports photo to me. But I haven't really tried to shoot sports since about college or so.
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Old 09-08-2014, 01:34 AM
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I tried for years to get a photo that showed so much without words. Look at the information available in this one, posted a year or two ago. Number 12 is shooting a free throw. It's the last quarter with the tie scored and two seconds on the clock. If she makes it, the game is over. If she misses, the game will probably go into overtime. Unfortunately, there are two essential bits of information that the photo can't show. It was already in double overtime, and she did make that first of two free throws. It didn't matter that she missed the second one. Had she missed both shots, there was always the slim possibility of another Pirate player tipping the ball in.

Years earlier a boy from the same school pulled a more spectacular upset over my hometown boys. With less than a second left in the final quarter and his team down one point, he was awarded one shot on a technical foul. If he had made the basket, the game would have gone into overtime. However, he bounced the ball off of the rim, dashed forward, and tipped it in. Two points and victory! Professional athletes may make the big money, but some of the small town kids do spectacular plays.
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