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Old 07-20-2014, 03:02 AM
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Default Gear and CIGARETTE smoke

The down side to get a free camera was that my Uncle was an extremely heavy smoker. Thus everything smelled like old stale cigarette smoke.

So how did I take care of it.

Body - First I used Q-tips and windex. The first cleaning turned the Q-tips brown. I cleaned the body four times then let it air out for two days. I gave it an additional two cleanings and the results have been very good. While I can not smell anything I will let it air out for another two days and give it one more cleaning.

Lens - I just gave then several cleaning with the same stuff and let them air dry and they came out great.

Strap - I hang it outside for two days then washed it in the washing machine. After it dried I sprayed it with Fabrees. It is great.

NOTE - manuals I am still working on them, tried a closed bag with baking soda but I think the trick will be time and lots of air.

Flash - several cleaning with the same and wrapped them in dry sheets, they are now 100% fine.

Camera case - Outside for two days then through the washing machine. It needs some more work and I plan to run it through the washing machine once more.

Dividers, this is mixed. the one on the bottom that has what I believe a heavy cardboard enclosed some type of material is bad and may be a total loss.

I am happy with the results and while the case might not work out the main things have cleaned up with some work.
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Old 07-20-2014, 08:58 AM
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Thanks for the tips. Long ago I hung a leather jacket with the same problem where it had plenty of fresh air. By the time the stench had faded, I had outgrown the jacket.
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