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Old 09-11-2012, 03:03 PM
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Default Being A Gear Head is a Plus

In the old days it was all about the photographer and not the gear. I was always a gear head and back then you really didn't want to say that too loud.

Update to the digital arena and guess what you better be a gear head. Today's DSLR's have so many capabilities that few if any who own them understand what they can do.

Thus with me being a gear head it is natural for me to tinker or tear apart the finer points of a new body. Take the Nikon D7000 that I hopefully will get by tomorrow. It literally will come out of the box and within a few short hours go into action.

It sounds simple enough but just to understand how to use the Auto Focus correctly you have to understand three functions that each have three sub functions and how they work together just to get the correct auto focus for your shot.

Failing to understand how this all works an lead you to believe that your Auto Focus is not working properly. Trust me there have been far more people confused with this camera and send perfectly fine cameras back to Nikon because they do not understand how it works.

It sounds like a lot to understand and learn, which it is but in the end when you learn how it all works you have the greatest AF system in the world that can assist you into making some of the greatest shots photo's in the world.

So you may ask what do I know about a body that I have not held in my hands and expect it to take great in focused shots at a soccer game as soon as the battery is charged.

Simple AFC - D9 - SP Sounds like a lot an it is.

Think of it this way the auto focus has a Autofocus mode, then a Autofocus area mode then fine tuned by options. And like I said all three work together.

A simple explanation for the beginner would take exactly 10 pages just explain how to use the auto focus. How do I know this? Well I found it, read and now understand why someone not reading the directions would have very poor results with their auto focus.

In the end expect even the low end DSLR's to get more technical just like moving from a old fashion tube TV to a LCD HD TV.
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