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Old 07-25-2012, 05:44 PM
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Default Why upgrade a digital?

I have had my Nikon D-70s since 2005. So it is on a 7 year run and has been used hard. It helps produce clear, sharp images. The metering is excellent and the only weak spot is the FPS. However that only comes into play taking action/sports shots which I have ;earned to work around.

It is a good camera and when you break down the years the investment has been less than $100 a year.

On the second hand I see people upgrading at each increase in MP's or so called advance metering or AF. Heck I can't even count all the models that Nikon has come out with since 2005.

I mean people can do what they want but It is just hard to understand updating a digital camera at each new model when you are not someone that uses as a tool to make a living.

Personally I have spent the last 7 yeares upgrading lens or adding more.

So I'm interested if you are updating your digital (DSLR) why are you doing it?

NOTE: I do project a updated DSLR is in my future. The main reason is that I sold my D200 some time back to get a new lens. Thus I only have one DSLR and want a second body in case this older D-70s decides it is time to die. All so I like to shoot sports and a great FPS would be beneficial.

I certainly do not need to buy the newest and have my interest on a D-300 or even another D-200.
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Old 07-25-2012, 07:41 PM
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I started small, with the impulse purchase of a Fuji Finepix A205 (2mb) about 8 years ago. Next came a Canon A590 IS (8mp) a few years later. This has decent manual controls and image quality. I still carry it in the car so a camera will always be available. Next was a tiny 10mp Panasonic Lumix that, unlike the Canon, is pocketable, but without manual controls. Fifteen months ago I bought the Nikon D3100 that will probably be the main digital for a few more years. It captures images that print well enough at 11x14, or maybe 16x20 for most people.

In comparison my Leica M4 was bought new in 1970 and Nikon outfit (often used) was accumulated earlier and later than that. Some of the large format gear I like to use is older. Good cameras, digital or film, age gracefully. Owning the Leica with five lenses has cost maybe $25 a year. Ah, if film was only as cheap!
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Old 07-27-2012, 09:28 PM
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I used my Nikon D200 (My first digital camera)for 6 years and skipped quite a few upgrades. It still worked perfectly when I sold it to my sister the first of this month. I thought it still looked as good as as any other DSLR with images 12x18 or smaller at ISO's of 100 or 200. But I just wanted a new one. And the cleaner files at ISO 400 and up were appealing. So I got a Nikon D800, which uses all my old lenses.

Last year I did get a little Panasonic FH25 point and shoot for our family vacation to Disneyland. It didn't even compete really with the D200 for image quality. But it is fine for smaller prints (under 8x12) and the internet. And it's a lot easier to carry around because it fits easily in my pocket.
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Old 08-24-2012, 09:27 PM
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How ironic that Jim's progression somewhat parallels mine. I also started the conversion (Canon FTb) via the Fuji A210 in Jan '04, then a Canon 20D, then a Canon A590 to complement the 20D and replace the A210. This past Jan I bought a 5D II. There are numerous reasons for the upgrade but the 2 undeniable ones were:
  1. the 20D's life was at or above "planned" use and I didn't want to be depending solely on it while on an extended trip. Replacing it would extends its life as a backup.
  2. The LCD...couldn't go back to the 20D's postage stamp LCD if I wanted to!
I regret not snapping up an S95 last fall when Amazon sold out within hours on a one day sale for $225. Both sons have that camera and its a GREAT little unit.
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