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Old 09-22-2012, 09:11 PM
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Default Nkion S4000

One thing about these little point and shoot cameras are that they take great photographs.

My daughters S4000 would not turn on about two weeks ago, I charged the battery and worked with it but nothing. So I did the next best thing I bought a new battery. Heck the old was two years old.

It charged fine but still I could not power up the camera. I read a little and there was one report that said to push the off/on and shutter button together. Nothing not a thing.

So today I bought her a new Nikon S4300. Cool p/s with 16mp's.

Well I started to play around with the S4000, I keep pushing the off/on and shutter button then all a sudden the camera powered up. Wow it worked but the only problem was I could not get it to turn off. Thus I took the battery out.

Well I kept playing around with the off/on and shutter button and the final result is that the camera now works fine again.

I can't explain it at all but some how those two buttons did something to either reset or fix the issue. I just wish I could have figured this out sooner.

I will see how long this works until it has problems again.
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