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The Business of Photography Any thing that has to do with the business of Photography.

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Old 11-07-2009, 02:47 PM
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Default How Much Do I Charge?

As some of you may know I posted this image awhile ago. I also had the chance to hang it in Dublin Castle for a two week show, along with other photographer's and painters from Ireland and the UK. Any way out of the 30 or so pieces on show only two sold. Now I have gotten back my framed print. Which has turned out to be a bloody headache, first no one around here could print it due to the size, which I will explain later. So while I was on holiday's in America I got the print made. Next I had to have it posted over to me, which wasn't that cheap with insurance. Next I had to figure out how to mount it. The first idea was to get a drum made, so I would be able to have a seamless image. Which I think is still a great idea. but as it turned out, to protect the image, would have probably meant laminating. And I though that would look a bit cheap. The next idea was to have it framed and mounted as a single piece. All of the framer's I spoke to, said that they could frame it no problem, but would not be able to fit the glass, due to the size.(so they could not frame it!) Right then, now time for plan C, and that was to cut it in the thirds, and create a sort of triptych. Ok, now I have the print framed and ready, but there is no wall space, so I had to have a pre-fab wall made to be self standing in the center of the room (Dublin Castle), which was cheap enough to have build. But cost €250 to be shipped to and from Dublin. ( and it wasn't used in the end, so just a waste of time and money)
All told this one piece, including the wall that wasn't use, cost a grand total of printing $300, Framing €200, Wall €100, posting €250= €750. Way too much if you ask me. And now it is just sitting in my spare room. I am going to ask a few people in town today of they are interested is show it. I was always taught that you take what it cost you as times it by 3, which would work out to be €2,250. Too much, and I really can't include the wall. So the €400*3= €1,200. A bit more affordable I think. I am also not planning on making another. As I signed and dated it, and numbered it 1/1. For my long drawn out explanation, is do I charge €900, to try to sell it, of hold out for the €1,200?
The image I have attached is the best digital reproduction of how it looks mounted and framed...

ps, the size of the photography, is 10 feet, with an inch and a half mount, and 1 inch black frame. the image posted does not really give it justices, I will try to post a bigger version in the Gallery
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