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The Business of Photography Any thing that has to do with the business of Photography.

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Old 10-04-2013, 03:12 AM
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Default Size to post on website

So, I'm finally getting around to redoing my website. I think I've been threatening to do it for a couple of years. The current one was done with iWeb and it was fairly easy, but not as customizeable as I wanted in some areas. As some of you probably know, I can have my own mind about how I want things and I get irritated when I can't have it that way. So I bought a license for jAlbum. I tried it out back when I first did my site in about 2007, but went with iWeb because it was easier to upload and hosting came with it. Now the hosting deal is gone and jAlbum has gone up a few versions (and iWeb isn't supported). I haven't played with it a lot, yet, so maybe the answer is in it or its support site, but....
When choosing the size of the file to upload, I've always gone with a fairly small file - usually 700 pixels on the longest side - so that people grabbing images aren't going to get something big enough to really be useful. Would that still be a good idea? I'm likely going to add a small watermark in a lower corner as well (though those can be cropped by thieves). I just wonder if jAlbum shows basically a larger thumbnail and doesn't really put the whole file out there for theft. ??? Anyone know? Or does anyone know of a program that does work that way?

ps - yes, I'm asking because I have newer images that still need to be edited for size to put them in my new site and I'm trying to be lazy. Err, I mean, save time.
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