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Beginners For the beginners at photography

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Old 09-21-2018, 12:20 AM
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Default The Worlds Best Tip #2

My first tip is do not read or start with the sticky thread about tips. My second is don't even start with my first Worlds tip.


How can I say that you might ask. Well that is how I taught my daughter. It was the wrong places to start.

I strongly feel you have to learn the science of photography. That means starting from page one. Now you can go to a class, buy a good book or search the internet.

These are the subjects I would learn first. Not in any special order because I think they are all important.

1.Depth of Field. How does your lens aperture effect what is in focus.
2. Shutter Speed. How does effect the action or no action and how does it relate to the aperture.
3. Exposure. Wheat is the correct aperture and shutter speed for the shot you want to take.

FOR EXAMPLE - do you know how to make a soft flowing water fall photo as opposed to one that fully stops the water flow in sharp detail?

Do you know how to have yoir subject in sharp focus while the background in soft or out of focus?

Do you know what to do to get a sports action shot in a frozen sharp photo?

Now you see what I mean and believe me there is more than just this.

So moving around, shooting a fixed lens, getting release or simple taking toms of photos does nothing. These all come after the fact.

If you habe a question o how to do any of what I mentioned just ask in this thread and I will do my best to explain it to you.
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