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FAQ's of Photochimps Basic questions & how to's of Photochimps. .

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Old 01-14-2007, 02:56 AM
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Default How to get around Photochimps

Tip 1:
Read the FAQ

Tip 2:
If you want to see more "latest pics" simply click "all" (or whatever period you want to view) and choose the number of thumbs you want to have on your page, then bookmark it as your "Photochimips Gallery."
This saves having to take these steps to get what you want to see every time you visit the gallery.

Tip 3:
To change the date range for the threads you can see, go into your usercp. Click on edit options, then scroll down to Default Thread Age Cut Off. Change it to forum default or show all threads. While your there check out all of your other options, add an avatar and change your signature.

Tip 4:
In either the Forums or the Gallery sections, there are little arrows on the RIGHT side, click on it and it will hide that forum or part of the page

Tip 5:
In any PC forum, you have the option to look up any post by example below DISPLAY OPTIONS. The "stickies" are always there on top.
*Sorted By: Thread Title, Last Post Time, Thread Start Time, Number of Replies, Number of Views, Thread Starter, Thread Rating
*Sort Order: Ascending, Descending
*From The: Last Day, Last 2 Days, Last Week, Last 10 Days, Last 2 Weeks, Last Month, Last 45 Days, Last 2 Months, Last 75 Days, Last 100 Days, Last Year, and Beginning

Tip 6:
UNTIL WE RE-SKIN CHIMPS, while in the gallery section, to get to the forums, hit the vBulletin OR go to quick links on the top bar.

Tip 7:
In the Gallery section, you can upload photos at 2500x2500 at 200,000kb!

Tip 8:
Try to limit the size of pics you upload in the Forum section to around 700px on the widest side since so they don't take too long to load for dialup users.
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