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Default Thanks to all the Mods and those who work so hard to make this site a success!!

I think it is a great idea to let the moderators and administrators submit their photos like we are allowed to. Why not? They put in many long hours to make this site fun and successful.....not to mention all the great advice and all the beautiful photographs they share with us. We can all learn from them, and others, and we shouldn't be threatened by competing against them. I enjoy submitting when I have forces me out of my comfort zone in photography. Ya win some and ya lose some and we shouldn't expect to be voted the best every month.....we should compete for the fun of it, not just to get the top points. And by the way, I can't believe that there are so many people that do not submit, especially since there are hundreds of club members. Thanks again to all the Moderators and Administrators of Photochimps.
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