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Default January 2010 "Photographer of the Month" Winger

Each month we will be featuring a fellow Chimp for our featured "PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH". Our "Photographer OF THE MONTH" will be determined by the PC Mod Squad . The Featured Photographer will get to answer a few questions about themselves and be highlighted on our landing page

"Featured PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH" January 2010 is our very own "Mod/Administrator" Winger (Bethe)!

winger's Gallery

1. When did photography begin for you?
Well, my parents got me a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas when I was about 5 (35+ years ago ). I used it a fair amount and remember getting at least a few decent shots. I even took it to Shutterbug week at Girl Scout camp the summer before 7th grade.

2. What inspired you to pick up your first camera?
Early on, it was probably seeing what my dad had shot. Every time he got slides back, we had a show. In addition to the recent roll, we'd also get to pick a box from the cabinet. Most of those were shots from Alaska. I guess seeing that glimpse into the past and a different place was cool to me.

3. Are you formally trained or self-taught?
I guess a little of both. I've taken classes in high school and college, as well as at a small museum school. Those gave me the basics and the tools on which to build. But I've probably learned more on my own (including by making mistakes).

4. What inspires/inspired you?

Mostly nature. Shapes, tones, the play of light.

5. Who inspires/inspired you?

Being mostly a B&W shooter, St. Ansel's work, Edward Weston's work, John Sexton's work. And the many excellent photographers (mostly unrecognized) whose work I've seen on the web.

6. Are there any challenges you'd like to pursue and have not yet had the opportunity? In other words, are there aspects of photography that you have wanted to try and have not yet done?
I would like to learn more about portrait lighting. Being pregnant (news for those of you who didn't know, yet), I'm thinking more about getting great shots of my little one.
I also need to learn how to better develop my film. I love to print in the darkroom, but hate developing film (and it doesn't usually go well).

7. Where do you think your future lies in photography?

Probably as a semi-advanced amateur. But I would love to make at least some money off it. Marketing is not my strong point, however.

8. What is your favorite Camera?

Having so many, that's tough. I love my dad's old Pentax H1a. The one I grab the most is my Pentax 645N, though. The results from 4x5 are great - I just need to get better with it.

9. What is an ideal day photographing for you?

Going into the woods on a nice day (with no bugs) and lugging 25-30 lbs of equipment. If I get great shots, then fantastic. If not, then I spent a nice day in the woods.

10. What does Photochimps mean to you?
A place where friends gather and can ask even the questions we think are stupid. No one will talk down to us or think less of us for not knowing something. I also appreciate the lack of digital vs film discussions - we use what we use and share the images.
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